Our Approach

Good Seeds Yoga provides young people and their caregivers with excellent yoga education in schools, community groups, non profit settings or through one to one therapeutic yoga. We were founded on the principle that yoga is an invaluable tool for growth and transformation. Good Seeds Yoga strives to offer yoga beyond asana. We take this seriously by providing classes and programs that use a multifaceted method to keep children deeply engaged while providing them with realistic, accessible methods for mastering physical and social-emotional growth.

Yoga Poses and Mudras are used to enhance body awareness, spatial reasoning, motor development and to build strength, balance, and confidence.

Breathwork and Meditation are essential to yoga.  These important skills are taught to help children develop concentration and discover their intrinsic ability to self-regulate their moods and behavior

Relaxation and Guided Imagery Chelsea Brown is renowned throughout the area as a master of teaching restoration and guided relaxation. Good Seeds Yoga programs translate these practices in a relatable way to give children space to unwind from their busy schedules and hone their ability to relax and meditate.

Partner Poses, Group Work, and Games are mindfully used to help children develop empathy, team building, and emotional intelligence.  Children are frequently invited to share their thoughts and experiences, and learn to hold space for their friends and classmates.

Books, Stories, and Creative Expression: Good Seeds Yoga programs often include age-appropriate books or stories, and create space for creative expression through drawing, writing, or story telling. Art is a powerful tool for helping children express themselves.

Self Care and Body Positivity are highlighted and discussed regularly.  We frequently remind children at every body is different and wonderful, and that the heart of yoga is on the inside.  Good Seeds Yoga programs offer insights and methods for self care and encourage children to advocate for their health and well being. 



plant good seeds in your school or community 

As the field of yoga for children grows, it's important to look for trusted, experienced teachers to provide classes for your children and community.  Good Seeds excels at providing teachers with not only experience, but a continued commitment to education. Contact Good Seeds to bring excellence in yoga education to your

  • school
  • sports team
  • community group
  • private event
  • non profit



Explore personalized THERAPEUTIC yoga  

The field of Yoga Therapy has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years.  Good Seeds is proud to offer this service for:

  • Attention and sensory disorders: Good Seeds used holistic methods to help increase spatial awareness, regulate attention, and develop social/emotional intelligence. 
  • Athletes: build strength, balance, flexibility and discipline
  • Students of any age or ability: enhance academic performance, improve sleep, develop a meditation practice, build confidence